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Industrial visit to Nature Delight dairy, Kalas, Baramati

          An industrial visit for the Third year BMS students was organised on 14th of March 2022 Monday at nature delight dairy, near Baramati. There were 40 students and five faculty members who attended this industrial visit. The faculty members were invited by the senior HR manager to understand the requirement and the purpose of the industrial visit. The meeting was also joined by the production manager Mr. Pawar and the Project Manager Mr. Bhosale.

             Later, the students were divided into 2 groups of 20 students and 2 faculties each supervised by the production and project manager. Initially they briefed the students about the background of the organisation, its vision, mission and expansion plans. The students were taken inside the plant and the various machines on its operations were well explained to them. The students were very excited and very interestingly also took the notes given to them by their respective supervisors. Every information pertaining to the plant was explained to the students and the real time processing of the machineries were shown to them. The curiosity of the students made them ask a lot of questions to their supervisors who answered all their queries satisfactorily. The students were also explained about their Supply Chain Management process, which is in service to various states like Maharashtra, Gujrat, Karnataka etc. They also mentioned that they also export some of the products and has collaboration with various leading dairies of India.

Finally, the students were also taken for a visit to Agro tourism where they relished to see the cultivation of tomatoes, capsicum, roses etc. Overall, the students enjoyed their industrial visit to the fullest, their excitement could be seen on their faces all day long.