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Workshop on Positive Addiction conducted by Rotary Club of Pune Metro and IndSearch jointly


Rotary club of Pune Metro Charitable trust conducted a workshop on ‘Positive addiction’ in partnership with IndSearch  on 3rd March ,2021,

Rotary India Recently launched a mission to facilitate ‘Prevention of Addiction’ which focuses on Alcoholism, Nicotine, Drugs and Internet (N.A.D.I).  The mission strives to bring awareness and educate the young generation about ill effects of addiction.  As a part of the mission, Rotary Club Of  Pune Metro,  has started to host a year-round ‘Say NO’ Webinar Series on Prevention of Addiction,  from August’2020. Their guest speaker for he month of March was Ironman Mr Kaustubh Radkar, who is also brand ambassador of the project.  

Rotary has attached different educational institutions as participants in this process and IndSearch was a willing and enthusiastic participant in the Webinar held on 3rd March 2021.

As a part of his dialogue, Mr, Radkar ,who is a Ironman veteran and community health expert, emphasized on the adaption of positive routine of health, nutrition, rest and exercise. He also emphasized on the need to work on wellness of mind as well as body to move away from negative influences.

The event was enthusiastically attended by IndSearch Students and Faculty alike.