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IndSearch Webinar on National Educational Policy NEP 2020 24th April 2021

IndSearch Institute of Management Studies & Research organized a Webinar on National Educational Policy NEP 2020 on the 24th of April 2021. The inaugural address was given by Director General, IndSearch Dr Ashok Joshi. Dr Joshi set the tone for the Seminar giving a comprehensive overview of the previous education policies and the NEP 2020. He highlighted the key issues in education and explained how the policy framework of NEP 2020 attempts to address them.

 The technical sessions commenced with Dr Rupali Gupte, faculty IndSearch covering the various aspects of school education in NEP 2020. She highlighted the key challenges in school education and the emphasis laid in the current policy on literacy and numeracy. She also elaborated on NEP 2020 restructuring of the education system to 5+3+3+2 and formalizing the early childhood education. Other important aspects of NEP2020 with regards to school education included Multilingual education, and the concept of school complex or clusters

The second technical session by Dr Sunetra Gaitonde, faculty IndSearch, threw light upon the role of teachers in implementation of the NEP 2020. She enumerated the various programmes for teacher education and the requirement for continuous upgradation of their knowledge through 50 hours of Continuous Professional Development every year. She explained that according to NEP2020, teachers would have the freedom to choose the pedagogy for teaching their subject.

Dr Vikas Peshave, Dean IndSearch conducted the next technical session, which covered the Higher education aspect of NEP 2020. The key points that were covered included multidisciplinary education at all levels, the National Research fund to nurture a research culture, Internationalization of education and a single regulatory body for higher education Higher Education Council of India(HECI)comprising of four pillars the National Higher Education Regulatory Council (NHERC) for regulation, General Education Council (GEC ) for standard setting, Higher Education Grants Council (HEGC) for funding, and National Accreditation Council( NAC).

The fourth Technical Session was conducted by Dr Suwarna Shidore, Dean IndSearch. She covered the other focus areas of the NEP 2020. These included Professional education, Adult education and Life Long learning, promotion of Languages, arts and culture and lastly Use of technology

The last session was conducted by Dr Anand Chitanand who discussed about the implementation aspect of the NEP 2020. He emphasized on the road map given by the policy makers which included various phases, challenges to be overcome, financial requirements and constraints and the timelines for the implementation.

Director IndSearch Dr Aparna Tembulkar gave the concluding remarks and the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Satish Inamdar , Dean IndSearch.

The Webinar was well received with more 150 particpants.