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Guest Session on Concepts of management through cinematic dialogues

Movies, documentaries and shows on various streaming platforms do have a huge impact on our daily lives. When a human being watches a movie or a show, he builds his emotional intelligence and adds to his exclusive personality. Information that is derived from movies and shows is broadly perceptive, whereas information learned from documentaries are direct, clear, apt, and factual.

IndSearch organized a guest session on Management lessons learned through the popular cinema dialogues wherein the students twisted the meaning behind those dialogues to fathom them, while looking at those dialogues from a management point of view.

Different, hilarious, and renowned dialogues taught students the following management concepts:

  • Priorities and concerns
  • Goal oriented thinking
  • Self confidence
  • Be yourself
  • Committing to deadlines
  • Taking responsibilities
  • Hustle!
  • Having pride in what one does
  • Getting out of the comfort zone
  • Improving communication skills
  • Criticism is important (constructive criticism!)
  • Be generous in giving and receiving help

The method of teaching used in this Guest Session was not only informative but also fun and interactive. All the students enjoyed themselves thoroughly as if we were physically together in the classrooms.