Research Policy and Contributions

IndSearch Policy for Promotion of Research


Rapid growth in scientific knowledge is an indication of quest for discovery and has an impact on economic and societal development. Research and developmental activities create and disseminate new knowledge in range of fields, promote innovation and motivate better learning and teaching among faculties and students. Research is the foundation of knowledge that brings new energy, builds state of the art facilities, promotes research publications, develops collaborations, and becomes part of active community. With this end in mind, the following IndSearch’s Research Policy is implemented.

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Research Policy is to create a vibrant atmosphere of research among faculty and researchers at IndSearch. The policy shall serve as an overall framework within which research activities may be carried out.

2. Objectives

  • To create an enabling environment to foster a research culture as well as provide required support through research framework and guidelines.
  • To ensure high level of efficient and effective support system to facilitate faculty and researchers in their research activities.
  • Ensure publications in quality journals, indexed in Scopus/Web of Science and/or with impact factor.
  • To nurture an environment of undertaking socially useful research with potential for commercialization.
  • Forge interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships nationally and globally.

3. Policy and Guidelines

  • 3.1 UndertakingResearch
    Faculty members of IndSearch are expected to undertake research, leading to quality publications, presentations in National/International conferences of repute, generation of Intellectual property with potential for commercialization, socially useful outcome, and other similar research activity.
  • 3.2 Obligations of faculty and researchers(including post graduate researchers)
    Research output will be considered one of the criteria for faculty recruitment and promotion along with other academic responsibilities.
  • 3.3 Recruitment and Promotion
    IndSearchshall recruit such faculty members and researchers who have demonstrable/demonstrated capability in research. Faculty promotion may significantly depend on research undertaken. The quality of research output, especially research publications, may be assessed on the established yardsticks such as Impact Factor (IF) and which will be revised from time-to-time as appropriate.
  • 3.4 Research Management
    Overall management of research activities may be coordinated by Dean of Research, IndSearch under the direct supervision of Director and Director General of the Institute.
  • 3.5 Promotion of Research & Facilities

a)Conduct training programs and faculty development workshops to enhance the research skills of the faculty and encourage them to undertake research projects

b)Encourage the faculty members to participate in conferences and present their research papers and also to provide financial assistance to the faculty members for this purpose

c)The Institute Library to maintain subscription to several journals and J-Gate database that are accessible to faculty members to conduct literature review

d)Since IndSearch is a research centre of SPPU,to provide access to PhD theses of various scholars to the faculty members for reference

e)Encourage faculty members to maintain their accounts on global research platforms such as Google Scholar, and Research Gate etc to facilitate dissemination of their research on a global platform.

f)Conducting research paper competitions for students

g]Encourage faculty members to conduct training programs and workshops on research

3.6 Resource mobilization for Research

To further promote research the Institute has implemented Research Promotion- Incentive Scheme for Faculty and Students from Academic year 2019-20


  1. Incentive for publishing  Research Papers for Faculty

For Research paper published in a Scopus / UGC Care listed journal.

•           1st Author – Rs. 5000/-

•           2nd Author – Rs. 3000/-

•           3rd Author – Rs. 2000/-

2. Incentive for publishing Research Papers for Students

For an International / National Conference -Research paper published in proceeding of an International / National Conference / Journals

•           1st Author – Rs. 2500/-

•           2nd Author – Rs. 1500/-

•           3rd Author – Rs.1000/-

3.7 Consultancy -Consultancy Projects by Faculty

IndSearch has designed a unique Incentive scheme to reward the faculty for the Consultancy Project carried out in the respective year. To carry out consultancy work the following terms are applicable:

The consultancy work will be carried out under the Head (Principal) of IndSearch Institute.

The revenue generated will be deposited in the Institution account. The Institute will provide the remuneration to the respective faculty as per the below chart, based on the revenue generated after the completion of every consultancy work.

Faculty should motivate the students and other fellow members  towards participation in consultancy projects.




Percentage of Share


Funded Research Projects from Govt. organizations, R & D Organizations, Industry, University etc.

Principal Investigator

2% of the Received Fund only upon submission of Utilization Certificate (UC)

All Co-investigators

Total of 1% on Received Fund will be shared (only upon submission of Utilization Certificate (UC))


Consultancy  services

Individual / Team

2/3rd to the Faculty (Individual / Team) and 1/3rd to IndSearch

Faculty members are encouraged to use their expertise and specific knowledge base to organize or manage the activity for an external agency.The finances generated through consultancy are fairly utilised by the institution.The faculty taking up the consultancy is properly rewarded.

3.8 Extension Activities

For developing sensitivities towards community issues, gender disparities, social inequity and in inculcating values and commitment to society Institute is expected to get affiliated and interact with groups or individuals who have an interest in the activities of the Institution and the ability to influence the actions,decisions,policies,practices, or goals of the organisation leading to mutual benefit.Sustainable practices of the institution leading to superior performance results in successful outcomes in terms of generating knowledge useful for the learner as well as the community.Institute is also expected to organize extension activities emphasizing community services especially in rural India involving the students.

3.9 Collaboration

In order to maintain a closer contact with field work, theInstitute is expected to collaborate with Industries which will enable academic activities in the Institution in a more realistic perspective and also expand the scope of learning experiences to students.To make collaborative endeavour impactful Institute is expected toenter into a formal agreement between the Institute and the Industry covering the scope of activities.

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