Research Policy and Contributions

IndSearch Policy for Promotion of Research

Research and innovation in a dynamic economy is often initiated at the Institutional research environment. IndSearch promotes a culture of creativity, innovation and ethical human development.

Research policy of IndSearch involves the strengthening and development of management and related research systems for dissemination and translation of relevant knowledge/ research and creation of ethical and evidence-based research. 

Policy of Promotion of Research at IndSearch involves 

  1. Conduct training programs and faculty development workshops regularly to enhance the research skills of the faculty and encourage them to undertake research projects.

  2. Encourage the faculty members to participate in conferences and present their research papers. The institute provides financial assistance to the faculty members, for this purpose.

  3. The institute library to maintain subscriptions to several journals and J-Gate database that are accessible to faculty members.

  4. Provide access to PhD theses of various scholars to the faculty members, for reference. This is possible because IndSearch is a research centre of SPPU.

  5. Encourage faculty members to maintain their accounts on global research platforms such as Google Scholar, Academia.Edu, Research Gate etc. to facilitate dissemination of their research on a global scale.

  6. Conducting research paper-competitions for students. Linking academics with research through project work.

  7. Encourage faculty members to conduct training programs and workshops on research.

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