Indsearch Innovation Incubation Enterprise Centre Nurturing Entrepreneurial Students Through… NEST

Indsearch is Nurturing Entrepreneurial Students Through its newly launched Innovation, incubation enterprise centre - NEST.

NEST helps the students in harvesting their innovative ideas, facilitate inputs from various subject matter experts and will provide an institutional platform to get connected with potential investors, venture capitalists.

NEST is encouraging the students with entrepreneurial mindset to find solutions to various social,economic, environmental problems faced by all sections of the society.


To harvest the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among the students and facilitate the supportive ecosystem for its incubation.


Strive to develop entrepreneurs among the passionate students having risk taking ability with the drive to resolve various social, economic and environmental challenges of all sections of the society.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To organize various programs for imbibing and nurturing the entrepreneurial culture.
  • To provide an institutional platform for the aspiring students to interact with the leading entrepreneurs, alumni, subject matter experts.
  • To facilitate mentorship drives to help students understand creative approaches to overcome the challenges during start-up, ramp-up and sustainability phases of the enterprise.
  • To support entrepreneurial aspirations, innovative ideas and to create an incubative atmosphere by collaborating and networking with internal and external partners of the institute.

An appeal to our distinguished alumni: Be a part of the NEST. Inspire Indsearchians !!

  • Be a Mentor
  • Be an Angel Investor
  • Be a Co-creator
  • Be a Subject Matter Expert