Director’s Word of advice

Dear Student,

Thank you for the interest shown in IndSearch, Pune!!

A pioneer in Management education in Pune, IndSearch is committed to excellence in all its endeavours. Academic rigour and intellectual discipline are a part of the IndSearch culture through which we strive to create corporate citizens and entrepreneurs who can contribute to creating a vibrant and caring society.

Students at IndSearch, experience a rich learning environment that helps them to excel in their chosen careers, while inculcating in them the core values of honesty, integrity and commitment. We help students to sharpen their skills and enhance their knowledge through various co-curricular and extracurricular activities. A unique blend of theory and practice makes IndSearch students an asset to the organizations that they work with.

I believe at IndSearch, you will have a fulfilling experience that will lead to a holistic development of your personality

I welcome you as a prospective student and encourage you to go through our website

Your Sincerely,
Aparna Tembulkar