Guest Lecture- Motivation & Leadership

On 17th January 2019 a guest lecture was held at Indsearch for the students of BMS. The guest speaker was DR. Sadanand Date who is an IPS officer of the 1990 batch. Sir spoke about motivation, leadership and management through his various past life experiences.

Sir started with his presentation and the first slide was the picture of the funeral procession held for the late Shri Babasahed Thakre, he narrated the great story where in 2009 he was asked to plan Shri Babasahed Thakre’s funeral. How before the funeral could take place, he had to fufill his duty of keeping the people safe and managing the event at the same time with limited resources and in a crunch of time, he showed us how he had to think out of the box to manage everything smoothly while keeping everyone happy. His stories included experiences from his time in police recruitment, or the time he had to keep a police bandobast for lalbaugcha raja, or the time he had to help get a politician from south Mumbai to the airport safely. Each and every story had us biting our nails and giving sighs of relief at the end, it was a great rollercoaster. As the slides went on one after the other sir shared with us these incredible stories which had great lessons behind each one, he also shared the lessons he had learnt through them. He touched upon subjects of Delegation, sense of ownership, risk return trade off, ethics, understanding organizational culture and how it drives a person’s behaviour, management control systems through his fascinating life experiences. he also gave us great management book recommendations that had helped him understand management and was sure would help us too. He ended with a wonderful quote that spoke about how risk is necessary for growth it was “Ships are safe in the harbour but, that is not what ships are built for”

The students truly enjoyed listening to the amazing past experiences shared by him and everyone definitely learned a lot from each story and anecdote. It was a great experience for everyone to learn management in the most unconventional way.