Guest Session for MBA students

On Saturday, January 22th2018, IndSearch organized a guest session for MBA students. Guest speaker was Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Business Analyst, T systems. He guided the students towards Presales Function in IT industry.

Mr. Kumar commenced session with agenda of the session and briefly described various aspects of Presales in IT industry. In the first part, he introduced students to presales in IT industry followed by its functions, line of offering, digitization of presales, role of technology in presales etc. He also highlighted the important details which an aspiring MBA Marketing post-graduate student must look deep into as far as these domains are concerned. He shared with the students what they should improve and courses they can pursue .

In the next part, Mr. Rajeev Kumar unfolded various needs of presales in the corporate world. He, in a very detailed manner, explained tasks & responsibilities of business analyst, marketing, research , roles under market research and market analysis areas. He shared several examples during his session and made the session very interesting for the students.

Finally, Mr. Rajeev Kumar shared some important points about what the MBA Marketing students should do in the next few months. He also shared some of his own habits, the practices he regularly follows and how they should certainly help students in shaping their brand and to make a strong entry in industry.

The session received very encouraging response from the students. They cleared all their doubts and queries. Further, students were highly motivated by the contemporary information they receivedregardingcurrent scenario in marketing, advertising and sales fields. They received very crucial inputs towards selecting marketing as the specialization field. 

Faculty Coordinator, Prof. Upendra Lele thanked Mr. Rajeev Kumar for his precious guidance and the students for their whole-hearted participation in the guest session.