Building Workplace Competencies- a guest lecture

August 30, 2018: Guest Session by Ms. Amrita Nawal, Senior Manager - CSR, Bajaj Finserv Ltd.

On Thursday August 30th 2018, IndSearch organized a guest session for the MBA students. The Guest speaker was Ms.Amrita Nawal Senior Manager - CSR, Bajaj Finserv Ltd. Dr. Aparna Tembulkar, Director, IndSearch, felicitated and welcomed Ms. Amrita Nawal on behalf of the IndSearch family.

Ms. Nawal commenced the session with the agenda, ways of working and asked students about their expectations from the session.

In the first part Ms. Nawal shared with the students the key differences between college life and corporate life. She presented a gist of current job market scenario to the audience. She also touched upon some important trending topics like automation in various industries & its effects on jobs.Then, she briefly explained the crucial areas to focus for management trainees such as time management, reporting mechanism, etc. Further, she described ‘what employers are expecting today’ and how the expectations have changed from the old perception of jobs to today’s new skill-based jobs.

In the second part of session Ms. Nawal unfolded the gamut of ‘Workplace Competencies’ starting from brief history, evolution of the concept and David McClelland’s research in this field. She defined the term workplace competencies in simple way to the students and explained the types of competency characteristics with the iceberg model. She conducted a very useful activity for students by giving them a task to note down their current attitude, skills and knowledge. Then, she uncovered the points in above three areas which recruiters see in students while recruitment processes. Ms. Nawal wrapped up the session with very inspiring video of ‘Even eagle needs a push’.

The session received very encouraging response from the students. They were highly inspired and motivated by the contemporary information and knowledge they received regarding current job market, vital areas to focus and importance of building workplace competencies.

Director, Dr. Aparna Tembulkar, all faculty and non-teaching staff thanked Ms. Amrita Nawal for her precious guidance and the students for their enthusiastic participation in the guest session.