Rural Development, Education and Environmental Study

A visit for all the BMS students of IndSearch to Khed on 10th August 2018, was with the purpose of giving the students an insight to the rural development, education and environmental initiatives. The group was guided by Prof. Dr. Praveen Saptarshi, who along with his brother has played a substantial and crucial role in the development of the rural area. They have started an English medium and Marathi medium school in the village and also a higher education institute for Arts. The institute has been allotted a B+ grade by NAAC.

The students left the college campus at 7am and reached the destination in about 3 hours. They were then shown around the higher education campus. The campus is so well facilitated that it has a gym, solar panels, digital teaching equipments like the projector, etc. The students were then briefed about the history of how the initiative was taken to start the education institutes, the problems faced, and how they were handled.

Next, the students were taken to the fish farming area and were shown how the fishes there were cultivated and how the economy of that particular activity worked. They were also explained how the income of this activity was used as an investment to improve the education facilities there. The same was explained with respect to the sugarcane crops in the region.

After all this, the students were taken to the school, where they were introduced to the children there and allowed to interact with them. There was a lot of exchange of knowledge, and a great bonding was built with the students. After this interactive session, the students left the wonderful place, for the return journey.

This trip was an eye opening experience for each and everyone involved. There were so many new things to learn. One of the main learnings being, that each and every individual has the capability to excel in at least one field, provided proper motivation and support is provided. The trip inspired all the students to use their knowledge for the betterment of the country and to use all the resources available to their full potential.