Bavdhan Bio-Diversity Campus visit

Saturday 28th July 2018

The students of the FY, SY and TY BMS of the Indsearch law college road campus assembled at the Indsearch biodiversity campus in Bavdhan for a day to be spent exploring the Bavdhan campus.

They were all assembled at the location by 9:30-10 and were welcomed on the campus by the faculty of the Bavdhan campus.This was followed by a small tour of the campus wherein the students were introduced to all the features and facitites of the indsearch building.

After everyone assembled in front of the building for further activities, they were led by the teachers to the biodiversity campus, where the students saw the amphitheatre and the football and volleyball grounds. All the interested students couldn’t help resist playing football and started immediately !
Some of the non-playing students helped chop veggies , mix some farsan and murmure and made bhel for everyone !! Followed by a session of hot tea.

After having tea , all the students went back to the institute campus where Carrom matches were being held!  Overall it was a great day activity for all the students .