Value systems in the corporate world

On 14 July 2018 and 21st July 2018, the BMS students had a workshop on value systems in the corporate world conducted by Mr. Omkar Kukade. Sir was introduced to the students by Anurita Sarkar of BMS-I. The session began with a discussion on the mission, vision and objectives of IndSearch, and that students should inculcate values followed by our Institute.

Sir spoke about how values are inculcated in individuals, which according to him are through

  • Upbringing,
  • Society,
  • Morals and
  • Learnings.

Before proceeding to activities in the session, Sir spoke of the basic classification of companies as:

  • Product based- manufacturing, it product
  • Service based- IT, hospitality, ITeS, banking, healthcare.

One of the activities focused on identifying quality perception associated with brand names and the actual value systems of organizations such as

  • Customer focus for Amazon,
  • Respect for individuals for Google,
  • Integrity for Facebook,
  • Sincerity for Discovery,
  • Empathy for the medical field.

Basically, Sir spoke about the following values that companies associate with: customer focus, respect for individual, integrity, community contribution, knowledge worship, entrepreneurship & innovation, teamwork, humility, ownership & accountability, trust, honesty, transparency, gratitude, empathy, empowerment, sincerity, dedication, open-mindedness, rigor, collaboration.

Further on he spoke about the different values that he had inculcated through his experiences in the corporate world. He mentioned the importance of having a clear conscience and always being ethically right, he explained that no matter how successful you were if your conscience wasn't clear you wouldn't be happy.

Sir narrated his past experiences which were enjoyed by all the students.

For the last activity of the day we were divided into groups, provided with chart paper and crayons and were asked to incorporate the values from those listed above and build our own brand.

In the concluding session the students had to present the brand and logo created by them during the week. All the students came up with great ideas for businesses and their creativity really showed through their presentations. Sir gave his pointers and insights to every team and it was taken up very constructively. Overall everyone had a great experience and took a lot away from his sessions.

The session concluded with the vote of thanks by Talha Firfirey of BMS-II.