Stress Management for BMS Students

IndSearch had organized a guest lecture on Wednesday 11th July 2018 for BMS students on the topic "STRESS MANAGEMENT" conducted by Ms. Sumita Chavare, a trained psychologist and counsellor.

Ms. Aiman Shaikh of BMS-I introduced the guest speaker.

The points discussed in the lecture were - what stress actually is, how to cope with it and tips for stress management.

Ma’am discussed the different physical symptoms which are observed in a body going through stress, like increase in the heartbeat, headaches, digestive problems etc. The emotions experienced while in stress are anger, irritation, frustration etc.

Different activities were conducted to help students identify different causes of stress and to cope with it. The main purpose of the lecture was to give tips on how to cope up with stress.


Ma’am continued by telling the students how not all stress is bad. People work best in some amount of stress, in fact a little stress can boost up performance.


Next came an activity where students had to choose a situation that caused stress and write down their belief at that point of time and what the consequences were later. A very good answer to this question was given by one of the senior students which was that he gets stressed even if he has a minor illness like cold, his belief in this situation is that he has a major illness, the consequence faced by him is worry.

One of the other ways of reducing stress which was discussed was about self talk. There are two types of self talk positive self talk and negative self talk. Mam mentioned that the most apt example for this was the book "Secret".

She also discussed some tips to reduce stress such as:

  • Focusing on whatever is controllable
  • Accepting the things that you cannot control
  • Being realistic
  • Practicing time management
  • Being present in the here and now


Last but not the least was activity which was scribbling on the music, which helped the students stay calm and focus on the present.


The lecture ended with a vote of thanks by Varad Mane of BMS-II