Webinar on Are you ready for the new Normal!

IndSearch was proud to host the session  for MBA students to create an awareness amongst them so that they are prepared for the new Normal. Ms. Rinita Laskar, Director -HR, Emerson Innovation Center Pune interacted with the students.

To begin with, she shared her experiences of the current change on her work and her organization, and how 90% of the employees were working from home and fully productive. There was a lot of learning from the situation.

She urged the students also to learn as much as possible from the current scenario by having

  • a go getter attitude,
  • improve English speaking (My English at workplace) from British Council
  • to learn new skills like content writing, creative writing, digital marketing, English and other skills that students identify from their job search from Coursera, Udemy, or any such platforms offering courses,
  • to read about organizations, study the changes. She gave the example of how the current situation has had a major increase in business for companies like Microsoft,
  • to keep applying for jobs, do a targeted job search and not generic,
  • do small internship projects without expecting anything. It would help in establishing contacts, and in defining their profile

When asked about what a company would look for while hiring freshers Rinita’s emphasis was on

  • Smartness/ confidence
  • Attitude
  • Ethics and values
  • Etiquette
  • Respect for other
  • Strategic thinking
  • Being alert to what is happening around

There were good questions from the students – Shahaji, Priyanka, Vrikshika, Ashwin, which were very aptly answered. Ms Rinita closed the session by asking them to dream big and work towards their dream and also to follow rules in the present pandemic situation.