Food Fest at IndSearch

Food Fest at IndSearch

Date: 21st December 2019, Saturday


It was a day filled with fun, frolic and food, as a Food fest was organized at the IndSearch campus. There were in all 11 stalls having various food dishes. The activity was conducted with an objective of making the students aware about the various aspects of entrepreneurship such as innovation, marketing, investments, sale, profits etc.


The challenge was to invest up to thousand (Rs. 1000/-) in the entire activity (including food, posters, dishes to serve etc.) sell the food items and earn profits. They were allowed to call their friends and family for the event to help them make more profits.

The family members and friends of the students were present in huge numbers, they all participated in the event actively and also appreciated the enthusiasm of the students for conducting the event so well.  The stall that made maximum profit comprised of Janvi Deshmukh, Atharva Badhe, Pratik Shimbre and Sanjana Shingewar of BMS-II yr.