Srujananubhav- an alliance with creativity

Srujananubhav- an alliance with creativity, the cultural fest along with the annual parent and teacher meet was celebrated with zest and zeal on 10th October 2019 at Indsearch Bavdhan campus.

The program started at 3 pm with the parent teacher meeting. Parents were delighted to have a look at the beautiful Bavdhan campus building. There was an exchange of ideas and hearty discussions between parents and teachers over snacks and tea.

At 4 pm every one assembled in the auditorium for a cultural program feast. Both second as well as first year students performed skits, stand-up comedy show, group and solo dances and solo singing performances. The evening was a full of high energy, enthusiasm and creativity making it a very memorable experience for everyone present.

Srujananubhav 2019 ended on a positive note for students, faculty and parents present and was a grand success.