Workshop on Motivation & Leadership

Date –  29th August 2019 – 1st September 2019
29th August 2019- 31st August – In classroom workshop
1st September 2019- Field visit to Hiware Bazar, Ahmednagar. 
Resource Person – Dr. Sadanand Date 

A 3 day workshop on Motivation & Leadership was conducted by Dr.Sadanand Date, IPS. He has held several posts at both state & national levels including deputy inspector of police in CBI. Currently he is working in the capacity of Joint Secretary, Department of Justice -Ministry of Law & Justice 
Day 1 
The session began with sir telling the students about what is motivation & why is it so necessary to understand motivation & be motivated. 


Some theoretical concepts and theories like Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, Herzberg’s Motivation theory, Vroom’s expectancy theory, Carrot & Stick Approach were explained by sir along with how these theories are to be implemented in an organization set-up and their practical implications were discussed. 
Sir, also gave some insights of his own motivational stories from policing experience which helped the students gain an inspirational and motivational perspective for their own lives 
There was an exercise taken by sir where the students had to note the 5 successful motivated people and the important factors which motivated them. 
An article from Harvard Business Review on How do you motivate employees? was discussed.
Also, the students were given movies to watch as an assignment and presentation on Super 30 & Bhaag Milka Bhaag was done by the students on various parameters like Herzberg’s motivation factors, Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, Vroom’s expectancy factors etc. 
Students also took a quiz on self motivation. 
Day 2
Sir started the session with some of his self - motivation experiences which was a very good incentive for the students. He focussed on SWOT analysis, SMART goals, staying with positive people and maintaining a positive frame of mind. 
Leadership concepts were taken where meaning, importance and ingredients of leadership were discussed.  
5 inspirational leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, KPS Gill, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Napoleon were discussed. 
Leadership traits for self was discussed. 
Presentations were given by students on the movie Invictus and Chak de India.
The students took an evaluation test on the topics of Day 1. 

Day 3 
Sir started the day with giving students study materials for the concepts of  leadership grid and leadership approaches. 
They read the article in groups and explained the theories and concepts to one an another. In this way the leadership skills and motivational skills of the students were put to test and they could practically understand the topic in an easier and fast manner. 

Transactional and Transformational Leadership was discussed with examples.
Chhatrapati Shivaji & his inspirational stories were taken as an example where mindset, guerrilla warfare, motivation, leadership, legacy was discussed.
Students took an evaluation test for day 2. 
An article on Managing your boss was discussed. 
The 3 day workshop ended with sir giving some more exemplary experiences from his own life which was enough to motivate and ignite a spark among the students. 

Day 4 
Dr.Sadanand Date sir along with faculties and 27 students from Indsearch went on a field trip to Hiware Bazar- the Adarsh Gram in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra. 

The students witnessed a village which was self-sufficient in all respects. 
Mr. Popatrao Pawar, the Sarpanch and pioneer of this village welcomed Dr. Sadanand Date, faculties and the students. He explained the beautiful story of what motivated him to create such a  village which is more than a dream. The experience of what motivated him to undergo difficult circumstances and yet emerge successful in creating a Model village. Inspite of being a drought prone village, water conservation models were prepared and implemented thereby making the village water sufficient. The village had hospitals, veterinary clinics, temple, mosque, Buddhist temple, school and every other facility which each and every village citizen had worked and contributed to bring it to a stature of an example which is known throughout India. 

Date sir spoke about how motivation & leadership has helped the village grow and how the villagers are self motivated. 
The faculty and students were treated to a delicious lunch. 

The visit to Hiware Bazar gave the students a beautiful insight and practical orientation of the concepts of leadership and motivation taught in class.