Fitness day celebration at IndSearch on 29th August 2019

Fitness day oath ceremony was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Indsearch today.

The national sports day in India is celebrated on 29th August as it is the birth anniversary hockey legend Major Dhyanchand. On the occasion of sports day Fit India movement was launched at Indira Gandhi stadium complex Delhi at the hands of honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modiji. The ceremony was made alive by enthusiastic presentations and participations of young and old. It showcased various aspects such as sports, culture and dance practiced across the country which has helped in maintaining fitness for generations in India.

At Indsearch first year as well as second year students along with faculty, assembled in the auditorium at ten in the morning for live telecast of the ceremony.

Post ceremony students gathered in the canteen area where Prof. Prajakta Kanegaonkar conducted a vibrant session of exercises. Few minutes of warm up was followed by 6 suryanamaskaras. Exercises such as different types of planks were incorporated in these namaskaras to make it wholesome experience of stretches, muscle toning and body balancing. The importance of having strong core was explained to students.

This was followed by cooling down and teaching of deep breathing techniques.

Friendly table tennis matches were also organized.

Students enjoyed the experience very much and delightfully agreed to make exercise a part of their daily routine.

The entire event was coordinated by Dr. Rupali Gupte, Prof.Prajkata Kanegaonkar and Mr. Piyush Kulkarni.