MBA Students Industrial visit to Emerson

On the 17th of January 2017 IndSearch arranged a one day Industrial Visit to Emerson Innovation Center, Hinjewadi, Pune. Total 32 students comprising of both first and second year MBA partook in the visit. Faculties accompanied were Prof. Dr. Aparna Tembulkar and Prof. Sunetra Gaitonde.

The students and faculty of IndSearch was welcomed by Emerson Staff. The Director - HR, Miss Rinita Laskar, Emerson Innovation Center, introduced the activities of the company. She then shared whole day's schedule. The first thing on the schedule was to know what the company is all about. Two videos were shown giving a clear picture of what the company's main vision, mission, ethics and values are. She explained about the transparency of communication which existed between the employees and the top management and how the CEO, Mr. David Farr visited each and every unit of Emerson across the globe and the employees got to see him roaming around their cubicles at least once a year. She also informed how the CEO took part in the Project named Vibrant India taking place in Gujarat.

After the introduction part there was a small activity arranged for the students regarding employee life cycle. The 32 students were divided into various groups namely interviewer, wage calculation, compensation, different cultural clubs, learning and development and exit interview. The activity was led by Miss Rinita and each group was assigned one employee to guide through the activity. The activity started with the question to the interviewer team, 'How will you come to know there is requirement in the company?' Many such questions and incidences were brought forward to all groups and along with the help of the assigned employee the questions were solved. Every question gave light to tackle the different kind of problems and situations that could occur in the journey as an employee. Through this activity students came to know the importance of law in the life of an employee that they had to adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by the organization. The activity was mainly focused on the working of the HR department of a company but it helped every person in the room how his path as an employee would happen and what all actually happens in the working environment. It was altogether a learning experience.

After a short tea break, Senior manager of the finance department addressed the students. He spoke about the finance structure in the company. He explained how the employees' salaries are calculated on hourly bases and what all allowances are given to them and how the tax structure of the company is. He gave insight about the internal transactions and the revenue generation for Hinjewadi unit and internal trade between the sister units of the company takes place. The person was very knowledgeable as he answered every single question shot by the students and it appeared that the person was very clear about the working of the company.

This industrial visit was a very good initiative taken by the college to give students knowledge about the actual working of a company. They were brought one step closer to the working experience. They entered the premise of Emerson with a lot of doubts, questions and lacked some knowledge. But, they exited the Emerson premise with knowledge filled minds, a practical approach towards work life and a lesson for life that what they learn in college and applying that in real life is different yet interesting and every step they take in life is a learning experience in itself.

The MBA students with Prof. Dr. Aparna Tembulkar & Prof. Sunetra Gaitonde at the Emerson premises

The students engrossed in the activity with Ms. Rinita Laskar