Guest lecture on: Career Avenue in Information Technology

Guest lecture on: Career Avenue in Information Technology

Guest Speaker: Mr. Prathamesh P. Karekar

Date: 18th November, 2017

            Indsearch had organized a guest lecture on career avenues in IT industry on 18th November 2017. The speaker for the day was Alumni of Insearch, Mr. Prathamesh P. Karekar (CISA, CEH, CCI certified).

In this lecture Mr. Prathamesh discussed Roles in IT industry which includes Software Applications in which sir gave information and job description about Development and Testing. In Development he gave information about Front End Development, Business Logic Development, Data Base Queries Development and Data Base Schema Development while in testing he explained about Automated Testing (Different Tools), Manual Testing (Functional Testing)

            After that he got us interested into security testing. He described the importance and benefits of Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) certification which help in career growth.

OS Administration includes Windows, Linux, Solaris, Configuration, hardening and support in further about DB Administration. Sir told the importance of Oracle, Mongo DB, MySQL, Sybase and its future demand. He then moved on to non-technical roles in IT which were Project management, Project Co-ordinator, Business Analyst, Quality and Monitoring, IT Audit and Compliance.

            In the last part of lecture Mr. Prathamesh focused on emerging and booming fields in IT. Fields like Develops Engineers (CI pipelines, Integration Tools etc.), Big Data Analyst, Script Writer (Diff. flavours of Big Data), Cloud computing (In Amazon, Google & M.S. Azure cloud), Artificial Intelligence and at last Internet of Things.

             This lecture was really very helpful for students for gaining insights into various technical and non-technical roles available in IT industry. The lecture ended with honorarium to the guest and vote of thanks.