Hiwarebazaar visit- A learning experience

A trip was organised by IndSearch for the BMS students, to Hiwarebazaar, a small village near the Ahmednagar District, on 9th December 2017.

The students boarded the bus from Pune at 7am and had a joyful 3 hours journey to Hiwarebazaar. After reaching there, a guide took everyone to a spot where the terrain and villages surrounding Hiwarebazaar could be clearly seen. There he enlightened the students with the history of the place and how Mr Popatrao had brought drastic changes in the village.

Next, everyone was taken to a hall, which was filled with all the awards Mr Popatrao had won, and all the recognitions he had got. In a while, Mr Popatrao entered the hall and addressed the students. He covered his journey as a kid, to an adult, and how he got motivated to bring drastic changes in the region. He also shared his experiences after being successful in making Hiwarebazaar a self-sufficient place, helped develop other villages too and how he got to meet few of the many legends of the country.

Mr Popatrao also motivated the students to be the bright future of the country and explained how one must inculcate patriotism and work collectively towards the development of the country. He also answered all the queries the students had, followed by a photo session. Then, everyone took a peaceful stroll around the place.

After a satisfying meal, was the 3 hours return journey back to Pune.

It was an amazing, exhausting yet healthy and informative experience, with a lot to learn, not only in the field of management but also in other circles of life.