Guest Lecture on Campus to Corporate

A lecture on Campus to Corporate was held on 16th December 2017 for the 1st year and 2nd year students conducted by the honourable Prof. Dr. (Capt.) C.M. Chitale.

The lecture started with him explaining the 4 stages of career that were

  • Exploration stage
  • Establishment stage
  • Mid -career stage
  • Late- career stage

He explained to us that till about the age of 27 ,all of us are in our exploration stage and further on he focused and elaborated on the same. The exploration stage talks about finding out our interests in careers and trying all our options till we finally settle in a field. Exploration stage is a very dynamic stage with a lot of trial and errors and it is important to constantly develop ones’ skills and try out all options and never settle for convenience. During the exploration stage it is important to set goals, for which he gave us a formula that was

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timebound

He furtherwent on to explain how managers needed to get rid of a few issues regularly observed in the following aspects in an organisation :-

  • Discipline
  • Commitment /involvement
  • Time (Indian stretch time)
  • Team
  • Quality
  • Supervision

He gave us a formula that is important for every person to follow in order to be successful “RAGDA” which means to exert yourself and to always work hard.

Sir further on explained the concept of “Johari window”, which included 4 sections

  1. Open self (known to self and known to others)
  2. Blind self (unknown to self but known to others)
  3. Hidden self (known to self but unknown to others)
  4. Unknown self (unknown to self and unknown to others)

He explained to us how it was important for our open self or public self to be the more dominating section in ones’ life and in order to achieve that, always take feedback seriously when given and take it constructively in order to reduce ones’ blind self and disclose as much as one can about oneself rather than being secretive,in this way one can reduce ones’ hidden self and in turn ones’ open self would dominate.

Sir gave us a great formula developed by Jack Wells

  • Energy
  • Energise
  • Edge over
  • Execute
  • Passion

He explained how it’s important to have positive energy and tackle problems with a positive attitude, energise talks about how one should have the ability to energise other people like his employees and workers, edge over talks about how one should strive to stand out in a crowd which could be achieved by constantly developing ones’ skills and updating the bio data.

He also gave us the principle of quality which is “do it right the first time”. According to sir this is a culture that should be imbibed in a person in every walk of life.

Through the whole lecture sir gave us great examples from his personal experiences and the whole session was extremely interactive and informative and all the students enjoyed the lecture thoroughly. We got a glimpse into his great life stories and all that he has achieved through his hard work and dedication. Overall it was a great learning experience for all of us