Guest Lecture on Introspection and Corporate Communication

On 16th December a guest lecture on communication was held for the 1st and 2nd year students of BMS conducted by Mr Prasad Borge Sir who is the national account manager, Vodafone Global Enterprise.

Through the whole lecture Mr Borge stressed on the importance and methods of communication. He started by asking us what we thought, communication was and later on explained the true reason of communication which was to pass on ones’ idea as clearly as one can. Later on sir conducted a role playing activity where he called upon 2 students to act as members of the finance department of a company, 2 students from the marketing department and 1 student as the CEO of the company. The act was that the finance team declared they had only 1 crore available for the marketing while the marketing team demanded for 1.5 crores and they both had to try to convince the CEO to agree to their argument. From this role play sir elaborated on the different aspects of communication which were

  • Motive
  • Consensus
  • Validation

Through this activity he explained how the motive in this debate was the budget for marketing for the respective department, the consensus was the common ground both the departments agreed upon and the validation was given by the CEO.

After the role play he touched upon the importance of the outfit one wears for different occasions and how its important to build safety towards the person or customer one is communicating with. Sir gave examples like if a person would go for a meeting with Mark Zukerberg,one should be dressed casually and not formally as it would be out of tune. He stressed on building safety and trust with ones’ customer for better business

Another role play was conducted where in 4 students were selected.Sir whispered a few sentences about Sachin Tendulkar to one of the students and he was asked to do the same to his fellow mate, and so on and so forth. The last student had to say the sentence aloud and this exercise reiterated the skills of proper communication and he explained when there were many levels in anorganisation the greater is the message dilution, which in turn harms the working of the company. This role play stressed on the importance of listening and was an important and integral aspect of communication.

Sir moved on to talk about how leadership comes through good communication skills,which could be achieved through various points he mentioned which were

  • Mental intimacy (more casual,less formal)
  • Shift from command to personal conversation
  • Gaining trust
  • Listening well
  • Promote a dialogue
  • Inclusion(expanding employees’ role)
  • Employees as brand ambassadors

He also pointed out that any casual talk in an organisation could turn into a crucial conversation,he explained the different facets of it which were

  • Opposing opinions
  • Strong emotions
  • High stakes

He briefly also mentioned the skills of good communication to reach a set goal

  • To start with ones’ heart(Gut feeling)
  • Learn to observe keenly
  • Make it safe (allow the trust to build up)
  • State a path (be goal based)

Overall the session was interactive and informative, it gave all students a good overview of what good communication is all about and the nuances of skills to be developed.