Industrial Visit - Lear Corporation

On 25th November 2017 we, the first year students of BMS were taken for an industrial visit to the leading global company Lear Corporation.The company is located in Chakan spread out over 17 acres of land and they specialize in the production of automotive seats, electrical frame works of various models of cars. Lear Corporation is ranked 151 on the fortune 500 companies.

 It started off with all of us gathering in the college premises and travelling together in a bus. Once we reached the chinchwad plant we were guided to the presentation hall where we were cordially greeted by Swarupa ma'am from the human resources department and the HR head Mr Rahul Bagale. They continuedon by starting with their presentations, first by asking what we were expecting to learn out of the visit so they could cover all the points. Swarupa ma’am started with the first presentation where she gave information about the company, their management style and philosophy, core values of the company such as “quality, innovation, efficiency, customer, diversity, teamwork, integrity,community” further on she briefed us about tier 1 and tier 2 companies and how Lear is a tier 1 company which manufactured products for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).Few of the OEMs they supply to are,  Mahindra, General motors, BMW,Volkswagen, Nissan. Mr Rahul Bagale took over with his second presentation guiding us on how to choose the right specialization in management studies during an MBA, he focused more on his expertise that was human resources. Overall it was an interactive session.

After the presentations we were split up into 2 groups and Mr. Ramesh Birajdar took us around the plant explaining the whole process; which started off with the manufacturing of the seat sliders and how the line workers added in parts one after another, to create a flawless product. Next Mr Birajdar told us the estimates of the production of seats per day for a few companies it was about 500 seats per day, and the cost of the seats varied according to the company. We were next taken to see the manufacturing of the electrical frame work and their testing, there was a prototype frame work of a car of General Motors put up on a board with all the relevant information. After this we were taken to see the manufacturing of the reclining disks, where we witnessed how each person was responsible for adding a part to the disk before passing it forward, after proper testing it was taken to the assembly station. Next at the assembly station we saw how they efficiently joined the slider and the disk to the frame, how thefabric was stitched into the foam, later onhow  it was ironed off of every crease and a  seat was ready. The company also produces its own foam so we were also taken to see that process. It started off with pouring a chemical into a seat mold depending upon the type of car, later this chemical went through a process of baking and came out as foam, which then was cut manually and the fabric was stitched on top.

The whole process was quite complex and required a lot of machines and man power. The whole visit was extremely informative and definitely gave everyone a better understanding and insight of the internal working of a manufacturing plant.