Operations & Supply Chain Management: Guest Lecture

Indsearch invited Mr. Prakash Kamat (Consultant and Faculty - Operations, Manufacturing, Supply Chain) to guide the students of the institute about MBA in operations and Supply Chain Management.

Mr. Kamat gave quite useful information about how students can make use of operations management as an individual by understanding their own role, being aware of the responsibilities and how age, wage and stage must move simultaneously and why it is important to be a good observant, quick learner, keeping analytic approach to work, being a role model for any change, being innovative in all aspects and learning continuously.

He also mentioned that while learning the technique of operations management, one must possess skills such as, Time Management, work life balance, accountability, team work, ethics, integrity, loyalty and how to keep the rational approach.

This lecture gave the insight into the day to day work culture that persists in the operations department. Working in operations management develops ones personality in such a way that he/she learns to multi task by handling finance, people, processes and the entire market scenario and perform production and operations activities accordingly which in itself is a challenging and a crucial task.

The Guest lecture was coordinated by Professor Sunetra Gaitonde