The Brand Name – A Workshop

The BMS students of IndSearch, on 15th July, 2017, had a wonderful opportunity to interact with Prof Anand Wagh. Sir is a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in Marketing strategy, communication and brand management and training.

The workshop started off with a conceptual and practical explanation of what a brand is, and how it can be developed and expanded. He also related the concept to the students on an individual level. This motivated all present there, to build or identify a strong identity of their own.

All the BMS students were divided into groups, and were asked to perform certain activities and quizzes arranged by Wagh sir. It started off with each group coming up with their group name and leader. This fuelled the creativity motor. Next, there was a small round of an icon quiz for all the possible brands. It gave the students an idea of the importance of a brand icon in marketing.

To make the session even more interesting, Sir arranged a small activity for all the groups. Each group had to come up with a brand name, icon and a jingle for the topic that was allotted to them, and present it to the rest of the audience. Unknowingly, this activity created bonding, a sense of team work; exploring, and it really gave the brain a good workout!

Towards the end of the workshop, Wagh Sir gave the students examples of controversial advertisements and how adversities are to be dealt with in the field of marketing. He also showed us, a very good example of an advertisement and how the thought process of a good marketer should work like.

It was a really interactive, ‘belonging to the real world’ experience! It made the students realize that bookish knowledge is incomplete and useless, if one is not able to apply all that in the corporate world!