BMS Students Trip to Kodaikanal

It was Saturday, 25th Feb 2017 and students with their parents and teachers accompanying the students were on the Pune railway station one and a half hours before the arrival of the train. Since the timing of the train was past mid-night, the other passengers were upset by the sounds that the students made. Even though it was a long journey, the students created pleasant memories.
On 27th Feb, the breakfast at a restaurant 'Ranis', opposite the railway station was good. The scenery on the way from Coimbatore to Kodaikanal was beautiful, but the bus was slow. After a tiring bus journey, on reaching Kodaikanal the students had a satisfying lunch at the homestay 'Dalethorpe'. Everyone enthusiastically went to the Kodaikanal lake after lunch, where bicycles were available on hire. The bicycle ride was a lovely experience, post which the students walked down to the Hotel. After dinner some of the students retired for the day while the others watched the movie 'The sixth sense'.
Next morning (28th Feb), after breakfast the students were ready for a trip to 'Mannavanoor' - a tourist destination that is a film shoot destination for the Tamil Film Industry. Another highlight of the place was that most of the construction there was environment friendly. On the way to Mannavanoor was a point called the 'Palani view' where we could see the Palani City in the plains from the elevation of 2000 meters and we saw step farming and a beautiful view of 'Poombarai Village'. The bus experience for the day was tiring for the students. At night after dinner the students played housie, cards and watched the movie 'The dead silence'.
On 1st March 2017, the group went to Vattakanal, Dolphin's nose and echo point, which was a steep trek through the hilly forests. Vattakanal was a beautiful place with a waterfall. The steep climb to Dolphin's nose was completed only by a few students. The trek was followed by a sumptuous lunch at Dominos, post which everyone went to the hotel to recover from the exertion. In the evening the students went to the local market for shopping, followed by barbeque and bonfire at the hotel (arranged by Mr. Shaheed of Dalethorpe) which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students who danced to their hearts content.
The next morning (2nd March), everyone gathered after breakfast for a trek into the woods that was of eucalyptus, vattal and pine trees. The group walked through the pine bed, had a glimpse of the pillar rock point, followed by a natural jungle, and also one of the biggest free falls of Kodaikanal. A walk through the jungle got them to a herd of Indian gaur and remains of the skull of the wild gaur. The trek through the forests was guided by Mr. Shaheed.
Return from the trek was followed by lunch, a small shopping spree and a visit to Coaker's walk, which gave a beautiful view of Kodaikanal. After dinner the students packed their bags so that they could be ready the next morning, in time for the return trip on 3rd March 2017!!

Glimpses of the Kodaikanal Visit