MBA (Master of Business Administration) Orientation 2016

The Orientation programme for the 1st year MBA students at IndSearch was held from 10th to 12th august 2016. The first day commenced with a welcome address by officiating Director Dr. N M Vechalekar. Dr.Vechalekar gave an overview of all the academic activities on the campus and urged students to make the most of their two years at IndSearch. Director General Dr. Ashok Joshi , gave a mantra of "Simplicity, humility and hard work" to the students. He cited his international experience and prodded the students to become global professionals and excel. Dr. Joshi also urged the students to participate in several activities outside the classroom for developing a holistic personality. The students were also informed about house rules and campus conduct, placement activity at IndSearch and the credit and grading system.

Dr.N.M.Vechalekar addressing the students

Dr.Ashok Joshi addressing the new batch

The second day saw students participating enthusiastically in the case study workshop and the trek to the biodiversity campus. The second half of the day was trekking time. The students went on a nature trail at the Institute's lush green bio-diversity campus. They were lead by Capt. Ranadive. Prof Kaustubh Moghe, Professor of sustainability management gave students information regarding the flora and fauna at the bio-diversity campus.

Day 3 commenced with an interesting session on Climate change by Dr. L Ramkrishnan. This was followed by an ice breaker activity. Post Lunch students were shown an inspirational film "The Final Victory" on the life of Dr. Felix Zandman. In the last session the students had a session on Community Services by Prof. Bhagyashree Ranade and Dr. Pravin Saptarshi. The three day orientation programme left the students in high spirits and all set for the academic rigour.