MBA Seminar Oct 2016

Indclub which comprises of Marketing, HR, Finance and IT specializations' had organized a two day seminar on the 6th and 7th of October, 2016 wherein we had speakers from the respective field to share with us their experience and to help seeking clarification on certain issues. On the second half of these two days some activities had been arranged for students.

6th Oct, 2016 - On this day the seminar started at 10 a.m with the first speaker Miss Priyanka Menon (Freelance Copywriter) for Marketing Specialization who talked about Advertising. Starting with what is advertising and its purpose, and showed advertisements from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and bringing it up to the current era, going through all the trends and advertising strategy with the features of an advertisement and the creation of it. Also introducing Copywriting and the creative aspect of copywriting and ending with the perfect line, "Talk all about Advertising".

The next speaker was Ms Rinita Laskar (Director - Human Resources, Emerson Innovation Center, Pune) for the Human Resource Specialization who touched upon talent management where she spoke about how Human Resource is assumed to be just HR and Admin but it is not just that, it totally depends upon how the management preserves it and how we individually bring into that function of an HR. She also added how data analysis is playing an important role in today's industry and in Human Resource.

A challenging management game was conducted for the students. The first round was logo recognition, which followed by recollecting slogan of the given company and the third round was identification of the personalities. The activity was divided into 5 batches as a lot of students participated. The winners of every batch were sent to the final round. After a tough competition, Nishan Akulwar and Kajal Narkhede of 2nd year MBA bagged the first prize

7th Oct, 2016 - The seminar for the Finance specialization was conducted by Miss Rachana Ranade(Certified Resource person of SEBI) who imparted knowledge on Stock Market. She majorly talked about Fundamental analysis which is done keeping the three parameters in mind; the economy i.e. the current economic condition, the industry and the company. The next speaker was Ms. Shagufta Bangi, (Product Specialist and Team lead for Middle East and Australia at Vsynergise Cloud Solutions) spoke on Cloud Computing. She explained the concept of cloud and the basic service levels in cloud computing.

Ms.Priyanka Menon

Ms.Shagufta Bangi

Ms. Rinita Laskar

Ms. Rachana Ranade

The second half was like a talent round called 'MAD ADS' where students had to come up with their creative ideas. The Participants were asked to make groups of 5-7 and were given names of a product of which they were to make an advertisement, a poster and a radio jingle. The products and services were like, belts, led bulbs, safety pins, Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan and Life Insurance. The winning group which comprised of Shubham Kothari, Swapnil Waghmode, Anuradha Koli, Sneha R B and Shubham Ingole was the one who presented / advertised Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan.

The two day event ended with a prize distribution for the last two days activities.