Corporate Review

Rajeev Malik

Senior General Manager - Marketing - Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Truck and Bus Division

I have been associated/ exposed to IndSearch Institute in more ways than one. I used to work at TATA AutoComp Systems Ltd, which was located in the same premises as IndSearch. Due to this, I used to witness their activities, faculty and students very closely out of proximity. Needless to say, the impression has always been very positive.

As a recruiter, I have had the opportunity of having on my team a few interns and a couple of alumni of the IndSearch institute as Brand Managers. I am happy to say that the experience has been fabulous. And it is clear that they have been imparted the requisite knowledge and exposure which has prepared them for the Corporate world. Good show, IndSearch and keep up the good work!

Neetal Vaidya

Director HR - India - TIBCO Software Inc, Pune

Anyone who is an alumnus of IndSearch will take pride in letting the world know of the Institute. There are several hundred’s already in the Corporate world who have been placed and doing very well…so my pride about the Institute is not just mine…but tested by the corporate world as well. Management institutes over the years have undergone several changes to support industry needs. IndSearch has continued to metamorphose into an Institute which not only continues to keep the core values intact for every student, where ethics, integrity and perseverance are visible when you interact with any batch. These human attributes are getting rare by the day. I have noticed and seen this trait in every student that I have hired from IndSearch. It almost feels like the students continue in an extended family and are nurtured by the ever so approachable Professors and the ever so energetic Joshi Sir. The students blend in so well with the Organization culture as they don’t have to try anything different when they leave the Institute. The exposure provided to the students is excellent and their readiness to begin their career acts in their favor. Thus far, I have had the opportunity to hire several from the Institute and feel proud to have been a part of the people who have helped shape their careers. I will definitely continue to look for talent at the Institute as I know that I will not get anything less than ‘THE BEST!’

Rinita Laskar

Director - HR at Emerson Innovation Center - Pune

IndSearch has always been known for great faculty. I believe that’s the biggest strength. The course syllabus needs to be covered by any management institute; but what sets IndSearch apart, is the culture & professional behaviour that is inculcated in the students during the semesters. The students come from diverse backgrounds & seem to have the hunger to gain important roles in businesses. We have had some great success stories with the Human Resources students from IndSearch over two decades. Unlimited opportunities await the students who absorb & apply the learnings from the institute!