PGDIEM - Post Graduate Diploma In Import & Export Management

conducted at Law College Road Campus

Credit & Grading System

Intake : 60


A student seeking admission to this course must have the following qualifications
1) Bachelor’s degree of any statutory University or other recognized foreign university
2) Any diploma awarded by Board of Technical Education of any state Government or Central Government (post SSC three years’ Diploma with 2 year Post Diploma experience or Post HSC two years’ Diploma with one year Post Diploma experience)


Rs. 24,000/- + Rs. 3,000/- Library Deposit

Evaluation Scheme

The evaluation scheme comprises of:
a) External Evaluation
b) Concurrent Evaluation

External Evaluation

External evaluation shall be at the end of each semester as per the time table announced by the Examination Department.

Concurrent Evaluation

As a part of concurrent evaluation the students shall be evaluated on a continuous basis to ensure that student learning takes place in a graded manner. Concurrent Evaluation will be a combination of summative and formative assessment. Concurrent evaluation components should be designed in such a way that the faculty can monitor the student learning & development and intervene wherever required

Concurrent evaluation components shall be designed in a manner so as to give a balanced assessment of student capabilities across Knowledge, Skills & Attitude (KSA) dimensions based on variety of assessment tools.

Suggested components for Concurrent Evaluation (CE) are:
A) TWO Mandatory Components:
1. Class Participation (Attendance & Participation)
2. Class Test (Mid Term)

B) ANY THREE Concurrent Evaluation Components from those listed below:
1. Literature Review / Book Review
2. Case Study / Caselet / Situation Analysis – Group Activity / Individual Activity
3. Class Test / Open Book Test
4. Field Visit / Study tour and report of the same / Small Group Project & Viva-Voce
5. Individual Term Paper / Thematic Presentation / Written Home Assignment
6. Industry Analysis – Group Activity / Individual Activity
7. Model Development / Simulation Exercises
8. Quiz
9. Group Discussion / Role Play / Story Telling

Each component of concurrent evaluation shall ordinarily be of 10 marks. Concurrent evaluation components must be designed by the course faculty and approved by the Director.
Institute shall notify the evaluation components for each subject to the students at the beginning of the semester.

Standard of Passing

Every candidate must secure 40% marks in Concurrent Evaluation as well as University Examination as separate heads of passing.


Minimum 75% attendance per semester is mandatory for granting the term.


Candidate has to earn credits for a course not more than 4 attempts. Admission for the PGDIEM programme shall be valid for 3 Academic Years.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of Instruction will be English.

Program Structure

Course Code Subject Name Concurrent Evaluation External Evaluation Total Credit
Semester I
101 Indian Economy & Trade Dependencies 50 50 100 3
102 Export & Import Procedures 50 50 100 3
103 International Marketing 50 50 100 3
104 Global Logistics & Supply Chains 50 50 100 3
105 Business Communication 25 25 50 2
105 Information Technology 25 25 50 2
250 250 500 16
Semester II
201 International Business Environment 50 50 100 3
202 International Financial Management 50 50 100 3
203 International Marketing Research 50 50 100 3
204 WTO & Intellectual Property Rights 50 50 100 3
205 Project 50 50 100 3
250 250 500 15