PGDFS - Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services

conducted at Law College Road Campus

(1 Year, 2 Semesters, Part-time)

Credit & Grading System

Total Credit : 30

Degree awarded by the University of Pune

This course provides an exposure to a wide range of issues in corporate financial management. It is ideal for those who seek a career in banks, financial and capital market institutions and similar business organizations. Its coverage includes Merchant Banking and Financial Services, Financial Regulatory Framework, Understanding of Financial Statements, Direct Taxation, Financial Instruments and Derivatives, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Insurance & Risk Management, and a Project followed by a Viva.


Bachelor’s Degree of any Statutory University or any Diploma awarded by the Board of Technical Education of any State Government or Central Government. Post SSC three years Diploma with 2 years of Post Diploma experience or Post HSC two years Diploma with one year of Post Diploma experience.


Admission to the 1 year Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services (PGDFS) is on a "First-come-First-served" basis.

Project work

Each candidate shall undertake a year long project, which would commence in the middle of the first semester. Assessment of the same will be made at the end of the year. Candidates shall write a project report on a topic to be selected under the guidance of an internal teacher. The student is expected to complete the Project Report of minimum 5000 words. It is only on the basis of certificate of the teacher concerned, that the project report has been satisfactorily completed, that the candidates would be allowed to appear for the Second Semester (year end) examination. The project report is to be submitted by the student and 2 typed copies along with a CD are to be submitted to the Director.


Papers marked as F are full credit papers carrying 3 credits and those marked as H are half credit papers carrying 2 credits. For each paper 50% marks are reserved for concurrent evaluation and 50% marks for external evaluation. Students must secure 40% for passing.

Revised Course Structure(2013-14)

Semester I
Code Subject Name Credit
0101 Merchant Banking and Financial Services F
0102 Money & Capital Markets F
0103 Financial Regulatory Framework F
0104 Investment Products and Characteristics F
0105 Direct Taxation H
0106 Understanding of Financial Statements H
Semester II
Code Subject Name Credit
0201 Financial Instruments and Derivatives F
0202 Equity Research with Financial Modeling F
0203 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management F
0204 Insurance & Risk Management F
0205 Project Work F

Full Credit (F) Course carries 3 Credit Points

Half (H) Credit Course carries 2 Credit Points